UBF took its name from the Latin phrase, “Uberrima Fides” meaning “Utmost Good Faith”.

We operate across the US, in 7 EU countries and 5 countries in Asia


Clients Value our Expertise

Health Insurance

The best insurance is the one you never have to use.  Are you shifting cost or are you managing cost?

Employee Benefits

Expert guidance to help you create compelling packages to acquire and retain talent.

Management training

Management Training

Mitigate risk proactively by staying informed on relevant topics.

Wellness and Health Management Programs

We create accountable initiatives with a measurable impact on financial performance.

Advisory & Strategic Counsel

Tap into our panel of industry experts with a wealth of board level experience in your sector.

Human Resource Outsourcing

A range of services designed to help different sized businesses handle HR efficiently.

Each member of our team offers deep specialist knowledge

Alan Wang
Alan is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company. Alan also serves as the lead consultant and advisor for UBF clients. His depth of expertise and breadth of experience has led him to provide innovative solutions throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.
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Allan Phillips
Managing Principal
Allan is a Managing Principal at UBF and has over 25 years experience as a senior health care and pension consultant. He has worked with Fortune 50, 500 and mid-size companies to assess, develop, and implement integrated benefits programs for global organizations.
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Eileen Graham
HR Practice Leader
With over 30 years of HR experience, Eileen is uniquely qualified to consult with UBF clients on human capital management, development, recruiting and retaining top talent. Eileen brings unique perspective from both the client side of HR and HR Consulting.
Catherine Wong
Vice President
Catherine oversees UBF's daily operations and client retention strategy. Catherine’s comprehensive knowledge of employee benefit programs, the ACA, ERISA compliance and HR laws gives her a unique perspective when consulting with clients. At UBF, Catherine implements key strategic initiatives with our clients.